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Carpodetus serratus
Putaputaweta / Marble leaf

Meaning of the name:  (from meanings & origins of botanical names of NZ plants, by Marie Taylor)

Carpodetus   "seeds bound together". Gk.karpos, fruit; detus, bound together.  From the fruit, "girt round the middle by the cicatrix (scar) of the calyx-limb".

serratus   "serrated, notched, with saw-like edge".  Lat. serratus, shaped like a saw, from serra, saw.


Marbled-leaved small tree growing to 4m with compact layered branches in the open but taller and more open branches in the shade of the forest canopy.  Small white flowers in spring with fruit ripening almost 2 years later in winter.  As a result you may see under developed fruit with new spring flowers further out on the branches.   Good winter food for birds. Great in the shade and near streams and wet areas.  Not so good in very dry areas as it is likely to wilt and have some die back.  Now being used quite a bit in revege plantings.


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Page updated 10 March 2009.

Tray of 20 9cm tubes






Immature Friut.  From flowers in spring 2007 (photo taken winter 2008), these fruit will ripen to black in July 2009.

In the garden, 2m high. 

This tree has been in the ground for 3 years and was planted as a pb3 grade plant.

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