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Feature Plant:  Kunzea Little Fox

A hardy, attractive kanuka cultivar with dense weeping foliage and a semi prostrate habit. It has few flowers which are white in summer. Great for low gardens. Never needs maintanence however it can be lightly pruned. Handles dry and poor soil though looks best in rich soil. Will grow to about 1m high in 20 years. PVR (Plant Variety Rights) owned by Ian Fox of Alter-Natives Nursery.


We are not just a nursery.

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Garden Centre

Based in Whangarei

Selling: Natives, Exotics, Fruit Trees, Vegetables, Flowering shrubs, Gardening products.


Landscape plans and implementation. 

We can also clean up your existing garden. More

Picture below is one of our jobs at Langs Beach.

Landscape Plans

We can do a few different styles of landscape plans to suit your needs.  It can be just a basic concept plan or a detailed plan which you or us or anybody else can follow.

Below is a one of the styles of plans we can do.

We have relocated to

(on 2nd April 2014)

101 Kioreroa Road, Whangarei.

Next to the dog pound (ENL) and up behind John Deere Tractors.

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We grow, deliver and plant revegetation plants.  Whether it's a few hundred plants or many thousands of plants, we can do it.  More

Picture below is of a 35,000 plant job we have done in Auckland. The green area is existing bush and the grey is reveg planting.

Native Forestry

More and more people are starting an investment in the future with native forestry.  Earn far more than pine will ever give you in returns. You can plant Totara, Kahihatea, Puriri, Kauri, Miro, Matai, Rimu and more.

Ecological and Management Plans

Whether it be the farm, a sub division, an industrial area, or a park, we can create plans to suit your needs.

Our Production Centre at

571 Ormiston Rd, Waipu

Has also relocated to 101 Kioreroa Rd, Whangarei.

Plant delivery

We'll deliver large lots from Auckland to Kaitaia. Small lots are put on couriers for the whole North Island.

Online Plant Catalogue

Veiw plants and prices online then call in store or order by email and pay over the phone or with internet banking. Catalogue

Irrigation for Landscaping

We can supply and install an irrigation system that will automatically water your plants.

ETS field or Effluent field

We supply and plant effluent feilds for domestic use and for farm effluent feilds for the cowshed or stand off area.   More



We have a range of products which you can buy in store or have couriered to you.

 Slow release fertiliser tablets last 2-3 years in the ground helping your plants get well established.  (more info)

Great for landscaping, orchards, revegetation, vegetable gardens.

10kg box $80 inc gst (about 980 tablets)

1kg bag (about 98 tablets) $12


Potsorb Crystal Rain Gel  (more info)

Great for planting in dry areas or sandy soil which dries out fast. Also used in flower arranging or for children to play with, you can add food colouring.

 100gram bag makes 10 litre's or more of gel.

Potsorb Crystal Rain Gel in its granule form (below) and the same crystals swollen (above) with water after just 10 minutes.


Tape tool & accessories  (more info)

makes tieing plants to bamboo stakes very fast and cost effective.

Buy tape tool and supplies separately of buy the starter pack for $90 inc gst plus freight of $10.



3 in 1 Guard: Rabbits, Spray &Wind

Protect your valuable plants and hard work from rabbits, accidental spraying and wind.

(more info).


Above: A good healthy root ball of a manuka in tall 5cm tube grade.

Below: A 1/2 litre grade taupata being staked with bamboo and tied with a tape tool.

Root quality is the most important thing (followed closely by stem thickness and plant height) when it comes to making a planting job successful. If the roots are good the plant will grow as best it can in the ground you put it in.  If you buy low grade and cheap as chips root trainers or plugs the success rate will be much lower (we do not sell root trainers or plugs). Pictured left is our smallest revege grade we grow, our tall 5cm tube of Manuka.  It is 50mm square at the top and 120mm deep (a root trainer grade is 35 x 40mm & 110mm deep). 

Stem thickness is required so that the plant can support itself under normal breezes. When we plant revegetation we stake every tree so they don't get damaged when there are gusts or a storm.  Some people say it's a waste of time and money, but consider this: A stake will cost you 15-20 cents for small plants plus 2-5 cents for the tie (if you use a tape tool).  That means you only need to save 3-7% of your plants from dying in order to cover the extra cost of staking.  I can assure you that i have seen plenty of private and professionally planted jobs where no staking has been done and there has been 25-90% loss after a storm or if they are in a high wind area.  Not to mention the fact that the remaining plants are damaged and take time to recover, thus increasing your period of maintenance required.

Plant height should not be too high.  We usually have our plants cut at 20-30 for our tall 5cm tubes, 30-45cm for our 9cm tube (1/2 litre), 40-60cm for 1 litre, 50-75cm for PB3 grade.  It is important for the plants to be cut in stages during their growth in the nursery so that the stem thickness increases.  Many nurseries don't do this at all or they cut them once, just before they are sold. The bigger the plant the more wind it will catch, and that will increase the risk of the plant being damaged.  If the plant has a strong stem and a good root ball and is not staked then the whole root ball can move in the hole you planted it in.  Every time it moves the small roots it is growing to anchor itself to the ground with are broken off.  Once again a stake (against the stem and through the root ball) will solve the problem.

It is simply dumb to work on the concept of buying, say 10,000 small (root trainers or plugs) at about $1.20 and then planting them and working on the theory that it's OK to loose lots because they were cheap.  It is more cost effective, faster, more rewarding and easier to plant a mix of mid-size grades (tall 5cm tubes, 1/2 litre, 1 litre, PB3).

Each site is different, but usually we will plant mostly 1/2 litre grades with some PB3 (usually the slower growing species) and some tall 5cm tube grade of manuka to infill gaps.  If there is lots of weed competition and you don't want to do any maintenance, then we use more of the bigger grades such as 1 litre instead of 1/2 litre.



Yes we can. 

Small lots on couriers.

Larger lots in the van.

Really big orders on the truck (about 15,000 0.5 litre grade per truckload).

Please note: This web site is constantly being updated with new information and photos of plants .

At present some of the plants do not have individual pages.

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