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Click on the titles below to download and view helpful information about plants and plantings.

We'll be adding to this page regularly as we write more.

  • They are mostly in pdf format which preserves the original format and can be read by everyone.
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3 in 1 Guard (Rabbits, Spray, Wind).  A good form of protection against all 3 issues.


Botanical Names Explained.  Understand why Nursery people speak a lot of gobbledygook gook when talking about plants.


Cupress Canker Disease.  All about the disease.


ETS Field (Effluent Field) plant list.  A list of plants suitable for use on domestic ETS or Effluent fields.


Fertiliser Tablets - slow release.  Put them in the ground when you plant.


Kauri Care Booklet


Kauri Dieback Field ID sheet


Kauri Dieback - The facts on Phytophthora Taxon Agathis


Potsorb (Rain Crystals).  Crystals which swell in water.  Used for planting in dry areas or for childs play.


Tape Tool.  Used for tieing plants to bamboo stakes, grape vines to wires and great for tieing tomatoes.



Index of Plant Names.  A list of native plants with maori, common, botanical and other names.  Sorted by Maori and common names and then by botanical name.  Great tool for cross referencing names. Some plants have several maori/common names, likewise some maori/common names refer to several different species.


Plant Books Worth Reading.  A list of books that we have read and found useful.


Links to other websites.


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